wyoming's psychedelic rock band


Not to be confused with the body part of the North American mammal, Wyoming’s Elk Tongue was conceived to create a fusion of sounds that have been called “Psychedelic Desert rock.” Being from various musical backgrounds drives them to create environments reminiscent of the past and the future. Elk Tongue is four friends who have come together to share love of psychedelic rock and roll.   

Keaton Elsasser is an American composer, guitar player, and lover of all around good times.  Keaton began creating and recording music out of the pure egocentric urge to hear what he sounds like. After graduating high school, Keaton moved from his humble hometown of Cheyenne, Wyoming to the blazing-hot party town of Tempe, Arizona where he spent most of his time in his air conditioned apartment smoking pot and writing songs. After his stint in the sun, he moved to Colorful Colorado where he began releasing music on Soundcloud under the moniker Cousin Flamingo. During this time, he also co-founded the experimental pop band, Harriman Exit. Both of these projects helped shape the sound and energy Keaton brings to Elk Tongue. 

Born and raised outside of Cheyenne, WY, Seth Leininger began to teach himself guitar and keyboard in his late teens. In his early twenties he started his solo ambient/electronic project MANTIS, and joined the band Harriman Exit as lead guitar/effects player. He now continues the same role in the psychedelic-desert rock band Elk Tongue, using a range of versatile sounds. He is currently a student at the university of Wyoming for Geology/Anthropology/Painting.

Also a Cheyenne native, Shawn Hess started playing bass guitar at age 11 and has played with bands covering  reggae, country, doom-metal, glam-rock, bluegrass, funk and psychedelic. Shawn played upright bass for 4 years in the popular Cheyenne bluegrass band BeatGrass before they disbanded in early 2014. Currently, Shawn is playing with a handful of local Laramie acts including the nine-piece string band known as 10¢ Stranger, as well as sings and plays acoustic guitar in his own classic country revival group. Harriman Exit recruited Shawn Hess to play electric bass in 2012. Since their move to Laramie, WY Shawn has continued to bring the tasty grooves, driving lines and melodic low-end to the group.

Not from Cheyenne, Dylan Stowers has been playing drums for ten years. His focus quickly shifted to the drum set after joining jazz band in high school. Despite not playing for some time after enrolling at the University of Wyoming to study geology, the drums found him again in the winter of 2012 and he has been involved with local music projects ever since. In the spring of 2016 he joined Elk Tongue, contributing an eclectic view of the drums to an already unique indie rock sound. He lives in Laramie, WY and spends his free time rock climbing and skiing.